Marina Kukso: about

This site shows examples of my work in mosaic, digital art, programming, and webcomics.

My email address is Please feel free to get in touch - this is the best way to contact me.

I am based in Oakland, CA, but am often traveling. I'm very used to remote work and communication, so even if you're not nearby, please feel free to email.

I'm available for work in programming, digital art, mosaic, collaboration, and I can also teach/speak on any of those issues. I am also happy to advise/consult on projects, help you refine an idea, and more.

Also, I love collaborating with people. Do you need sweet art for your music/gallery show? Do you need music (algorithmic, live, etc.) for your art show (or whatever else)? Would you like some visuals for your music? Or perhaps some music for your visuals? Are you looking for collaborators for a large mosaic project?

Finally, I enjoy working with women of all stripes!

Once again, my email address is I am also on the freenode IRC network as "mk30" (you can usually find me in the #sudoroom channel) and on twitter as @marinakukso. On github I am "mk30".

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